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I am back from Copenhagen and as everyone promised me it would be: it was indeed a lovely trip. Copenhagen is the perfect size for a three-day stay, not too big to do everything on foot and with just enough to do. It was good shopping for eldest and the weather was, despite being rather chilly, at least dry and sunny when it mattered. We always try to do at least one VERY cheesy touristy thing and we opted for the boat ride through the harbour but this actually turned out to be the best thing on the whole trip! Well that and the amazing hamburgers at a place called Cock’s & Cows. Oh and something very noteworthy: I did not have one bad cup of coffee anywhere! Seriously, they do really good coffee. The Danes are super friendly and accommodating and as eldest remarked the minute we arrived ‘They are very well dressed!’.

Back from London

Back from my solo trip to London the other week and I have to admit: I am happy to be home. I stayed in Shoreditch this time and to be completely honest: I wish I had a companion instead of going solo, mostly because it was very cold and wet and I found the notion of spending time on my own in restaurants and bars less appealing this time around.