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Keep list

In case anyone ever wondered if I actually buy any of the stuff I show here, the answer is ‘Oh yes.’  My parcel delivery guy can also attest to that (we are on a first name basis *cough*). And since I have come to loathe shopping in town I almost always resort to online shopping. Nothing beats trying on clothes in the comfort of my own dressing room (I mean come on Zara, what is with the preposterous long queues?) and the ability to match outfits on the spot in pleasant lighting.

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Want to wear

I am having a love/hate relationship with the high street at the moment it seems, been sending back tons of stuff I ordered online from the likes of Zara and H&M and schlepping myself round the physical stores and the dressing rooms has yielded…well, not a lot to be honest. Quality, fit and design all have proven to be less than enticing this season so far.

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