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Stop me

Ages ago I owned a white wool coat, I believe from Topshop. It was a very structured minimal design, with a zipper, and I looked ever so smart in it. I really loved that coat. The downside was of course that it was white and even the slightest of stains or marks stood out on it like a sore thumb. And unless you have a huge dry cleaner budget that alone makes a coat like that very impractical.

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Just in

This blazer from Mango is to die for. I actually bought it with the trousers  but as you can tell from the third photo: the model, most likely a not too shabby 1.80 m tall, is actually standing on the hems. So you can imagine what the trousers looked like on my 1.69 m frame. Seriously Mango, what is up with that??

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