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Summer flats

I have not bought shoes at H&M in ages but these 3 flats tick quite a few boxes for ideal summer wear: the white fabric ones are perfect under jeans, the maroon slides with the different shaped straps would liven up any plain black outfit and the black suede with the tiny heel are both pretty and comfortable enough to wear for a night out. click to see more


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Hit and miss

So, that lovely Massimo Dutti dress from this post unfortunately turned out to be one for the ‘total miss’ category: due to its shape it simply looked like one giant sack on me, despite the size being correct. click to see more

Yes or no

First I thought ‘Oh yes!’, then I felt ‘Not so sure now…’. click to see more

All the boxes

When a dress ticks all the boxes: cotton, adjustable waist, pockets and criss-cross straps. Read More

Wish list

I am heavily into decorating the house with prints at the moment. These would make great additions. click to see more


On Wednesday I took my mother-in-law to see the highly anticipated Jan Taminiau Reflections exhibit at the Centraal Museum in my hometown of Utrecht. The website advised to buy tickets online and they were in fact sold in time-slots. I can see why: it was very crowded and it was quite a feat on my side to get my shots without any visitors in them. click to see more

Just in

There are two people to blame for this out of character purchase: Brittany Bathgate and Alexis Foreman. They both wore this exact same dress so wonderfully on their Instagram (and without the belt as well: so good!) I had no choice but to succumb and try it myself. And I must say, it is not only ‘just in’ but also a keeper. click to see more


So lovely to see Elaine Irwin in this editorial. Read More

Olive Clothing

I have recently started following a lot of Korean Instagrammers due to their very pretty, minimal and light aesthetics. Unfortunately they never seem to tag the brands they are wearing (is this a cultural thing I wonder?) and even if they do, the brands are never available in this corner of the world anyway.  click to see more