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Vanessa Bruno

Spotting another blogger in an attractive outfit more than once paved my way for discovering cool brands. Click to see more



‘I find that in life all you can do is trying to be honest about who you are and how you’re feeling, and trust that it will be received in the correct way.’Amy Adams


Yes I did

It already took a whole week of heavy inner deliberation whether or not I really wanted (or needed) this coat and then Click to see more


Hotel life

If all hotels were like this. Click to see more


Pick one

And these are just three of the Hieleven bags I really like. Click to see more


All sorts of cool

The white boots, the extreme slouchiness, that hair. Click to see more


How about this

It was a good thing eldest happened to be lurking about when I muttered something along the lines of  ‘A carbon fiber card holder…now what is that all about? because he immediately launched into an enthusiastic rapport on all things carbon fiber. Click to read more