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Caught my eye

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Wish list

I am being a complete fashion bore right now: the only things I bought in the last few months are a pair of slouchy faux leather trousers at Zara (and for high street prices these are really a find) and a dark blue merino jumper at Arket. Read More


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On repeat

To say we had a lovely time this year on Mallorca is an understatement. Read More


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Much more practical

Compared to the beige Zara mules from a few days ago these certainly look much more practical yet equally lovely. Read More


Now, I know these most likely will turn out to be crap, right? Because let’s face it, I have returned EVERY item I ordered from Zara in the last 5 months, with the exception of a few items I ordered for one of the teenagers and SOH (go figure). Read More

Wish list

I have spotted so many lovely goodies over at Cos at the moment the actual wish list is quite long. This bag though, along with its sister in white, is at the top of it. Read More

I caved

So I walk a lot.

As in ‘Yes I could run all of my errands on my bike but I make a point of walking everywhere‘. Here is why: I do a lot of sitting. And when I say a lot, I do really mean A LOT. My work happens online (for those of you who do not know this, I have my own keto coaching practice) so I am usually stuck at my desk with my laptop and my phone. And to throw around the latest health catch phrase ‘Sitting is the new smoking.‘. Read More

Wish list

Having just ordered a mega load of bikini tops and bottoms from Arket (and for the record: I absolutely LOATHE shopping for a bikini so please please let there be just the one style that more or less suits me so I can be done with it) I really have no business eying up shirts but this beauty did just land on my wish list. Read More