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Blank spaces

Once again I am off and leaving behind several blank spaces here: I will be in Copenhagen with eldest till Thursday, doing a lot of sigh-seeing, shopping and hopefully having meaningful conversations while eating good food. click to read more

1277 Days

It has been 1277 days since starting this blog. For the slightly number-impaired folk like myself: that is 3 years, 5 months, and 30 days. Now the reason I so randomly bring this up is because someone recently said ‘Wait? You still run that blog? Why?‘. click to read more

Classic (mistake)

So I actually had these in my hands, in the London Arket store, and did NOT try them on for size. And I am now sat here thinking “WHY THE H**** DID YOU NOT TRY THEM ON!’. click to read more

Disappearing act

So after seeing blogger Emma Hill (and by the way: I am addicted to her hilarious weekly vlogs) looking amazing in this H&M linen suit I have clicked it into my virtual shopping basket no less than four times to…well you know…’have a long hard think about it‘ first. click to read more

Mango Committed

Now this looks good: Mango’s new Committed collection. click to see more

Back from London

Back from my solo trip to London the other week and I have to admit: I am happy to be home. I stayed in Shoreditch this time and to be completely honest: I wish I had a companion instead of going solo, mostly because it was very cold and wet and I found the notion of spending time on my own in restaurants and bars less appealing this time around. click to read more

Just a little note

Day to night

Minimal packing for a one night get-away. click to see more

Keep list

In case anyone ever wondered if I actually buy any of the stuff I show here, the answer is ‘Oh yes.’  My parcel delivery guy can also attest to that (we are on a first name basis *cough*). And since I have come to loathe shopping in town I almost always resort to online shopping. Nothing beats trying on clothes in the comfort of my own dressing room (I mean come on Zara, what is with the preposterous long queues?) and the ability to match outfits on the spot in pleasant lighting. click to see more


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