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Time to unwind

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Nine plus one

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Just in

So before I start on this lovely dress purchase (on sale now!) from & Other Stories I want to ‘bitch’ a little about shopping at brick & mortar shops these days. I ordered this dress online as with most of my stuff now, because long lines at fitting rooms and snotty staff are just too much to handle for me, not to mention the fact I get actual panick attacks when it gets really crowded in town. click to read more

High street pick

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Really beautiful sleep- and swimwear collections at Asceno. click to see more

Oh dear

I have a confession to make: I would love to own a pair of Gucci Brixton loafers or that other Gucci classic the Princetown slipper. There, I said it (hides face behind hands). click to read more

Double act

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I know this is supposed to be a lifestyle/fashion blog with the occasional musing thrown in but as they say: it is my blog and I can get as personal as I want to. Feel free to skip this of course and I promise I will be back to posting about dresses and shoes soon enough.  Read More

The t-shirt dress

I do love a good t-shirt dress: wear it with sneakers around the house and while running errands, dress it up with a cute bag and mules for a relaxed evening on a terrace somewhere in town. And this rust colour definitely makes a nice change from the black and navy varieties. click to see more

Interior inspiration

Wonderful vibes from this bar in Helsinki. click to see more