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Oh dear

I have a confession to make: I would love to own a pair of Gucci Brixton loafers or that other Gucci classic the Princetown slipper. There, I said it (hides face behind hands). click to read more

Double act

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I know this is supposed to be a lifestyle/fashion blog with the occasional musing thrown in but as they say: it is my blog and I can get as personal as I want to. Feel free to skip this of course and I promise I will be back to posting about dresses and shoes soon enough.  Read More

The t-shirt dress

I do love a good t-shirt dress: wear it with sneakers around the house and while running errands, dress it up with a cute bag and mules for a relaxed evening on a terrace somewhere in town. And this rust colour definitely makes a nice change from the black and navy varieties. click to see more

Interior inspiration

Wonderful vibes from this bar in Helsinki. click to see more

Just in

I have been on a dress hunt recently because I wanted a few more dresses for city wear, as opposed to the many floaty dresses I have that I am more comfortable with wearing during a holiday. And I actually made a few great purchases in the ‘going to be wearing these for years to come’ category plus there are a few more on their way as we speak. I have sent loads back to be honest, so while my ordering may seem out of control I actually only end up with the ones I am really confident about. click to see more


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High street pick

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Interior inspiration

A little rough around the edges but very likeable. click to see more


Beautiful jewellery from J. Hannah. click to see more