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Blank spaces

Once again I am off and leaving behind several blank spaces here: I will be in Copenhagen with eldest till Thursday, doing a lot of sigh-seeing, shopping and hopefully having meaningful conversations while eating good food.

Traveling with my eldest (who is now 16 by the way) is actually very relaxed: as long as there is wi-fi on a regular basis, burgers and pastry with not too much time in between and the promise of visiting all the cool clothes stores he is fine with everything else I suggest. And that would be a museum or two, lots of walking around to catch all the sights (I do not like public transport very much) and a fair amount of hanging around in the sort of places I myself like, interior design stores or the lobby of our very cool hotel for example. I would love to hear some recommendations from you guys though: best food/coffee/shopping experiences?

I will try to post photos to my Instagram feed so do check there to see what we are up to!

Photo by Christian Stahl via Unsplash

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