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I caved

So I walk a lot.

As in ‘Yes I could run all of my errands on my bike but I make a point of walking everywhere‘. Here is why: I do a lot of sitting. And when I say a lot, I do really mean A LOT. My work happens online (for those of you who do not know this, I have my own keto coaching practice) so I am usually stuck at my desk with my laptop and my phone. And to throw around the latest health catch phrase ‘Sitting is the new smoking.‘.

While I do tend to run up and down in my house a lot (for those of you who do not know this, our house has four flours so three sets of stairs…I know, it can be a pain sometimes) I have come to realise the amount of time I sit down has simultaneously increased with the amount of work I do.  And my days of daily 5km morning runs are also over: my running injuries permanently refuse to pipe down.

So this is why I joined a Pilates class three times a week and I started walking everywhere, trying to get 10.000 steps in daily, at least on the days I do not go to Pilates. I sometimes actually make up excuses to go somewhere into town to pick up something from a store, other times I am up and about at six in the morning and I will go outside for an hour or so.

Footwear of choice are my Nike Air Force 1’s. I am aware this makes me very basic indeed but I do not care, my feet have become quite difficult so comfort is key. But with the idiotic heat we  have had so far, they are not the most optimal choice of footwear. So enter the clunky sandals.

Now I have tried several brands, hoping cheaper ones would do the trick but alas. And the ubiquitous Teva’s and Birkenstocks were killing my feet just by walking in them around the house so I caved and bought the Vagabond Erin, as seen on quite a few influencers.

What can I say: they are comfortable, basic enough to go with anything and yes, I would consider wearing them with a dress. There are worse things in life to cave for, right?

Vagabond Erin sandals at Zalando / €89,95

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