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High street pick

I hardly ever go into H&M anymore, because quite frankly their shops depress me to no end: harsh lighting, endless long lines at the one till out of three that is open, staff nowhere to be found, the place always looks like a mess and as per usual the one or two items I specifically come for are always out of stock in my size or just not there at all.

So I opt for online and very selective shopping. Just now I clicked on the ‘new items’ button and this jumper was the first piece I spotted. From the photos I can tell this is a potential must have: the shape, delicate colour and chunkiness of the knit…oh yes. So in the basket it goes.

Ps I actually also like the trousers it is paired with although it would also be great with a nice pair of jeans

Blush jumper at H&M / €39,99

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