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High street pick

Let me start by saying I am still on my shopping sabbatical. Crazy right? I did make one exception though for a pair of boring but very practical black trousers from Mango: I already own one pair of them, I wear them to death and I was worried they would get discontinued.
They are the type of trousers that are the perfect staple for everyday wear and so the cost per wear comes to nothing  which made me feel that purchase was justified.

But anyway, I believe I started in December and while I at first thought two months were reasonable enough I also found that my need to buy stuff completely disappeared.

So there you go.

Obviously, I have posted some items on the blog, I am not all of a sudden immune to what appeals to me from a wearability point of view, but it seems I have become rather picky. As is the case with this knit: I have contemplated if this is something I would actually wear, as opposed to ‘really really liking it on the model so yep, must be a good one’. And yes, I would actually wear this.

But still: not going to buy it.

Cream knit at H&M / €39.99

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