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It is the last day of 2015 on my side of the planet and I realise it has been a bit more quiet on the blog lately. Not for the first time though I might add, there have been other blank spaces before, usually caused by either a more hectic schedule in everyday life (those kids are just so easy to blame) or simply a lack of inspiration (yes that does happen and more often than I would like to admit). Gosh, I sound quite human don’t I?

In any case, there is indeed a rather practical reason for my relative absent-mindedness this time round: I am further venturing out into my profession of social media management and as such in the process of setting up my own company. Sounds awfully posh, I know, but it is in reality a matter of starting out small. As in REALLY small.

But with my general anxiety where new things are concerned in mind it is all down to the old ‘I can only handle so much’ mantra and the blog happens to be the first to lose out on my attention. All feeble excuses aside though: no, I am not leaving this space to fend for itself, the blog really is an integral part of who I am and something I do enjoy when time and peace of mind allow me to focus. So it stays.

Now, I am not really one for the cliché of ‘New year, new beginnings’. I simply believe in continuation and bettering oneself. A good friend told me this week ‘You go girl!’ and I am really taking it to heart.

I would just like to leave you for now with well-meant wishes for a happy party tonight, a lovely start of 2016 tomorrow and a promise I will try to keep this blog going at a more steady pace.



2015-12-30 20.52.05


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