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A few words

It is the last day of 2015 on my side of the planet and I realise it has been a bit more quiet on the blog lately. Not for the first time though I might add, there have been other blank spaces before, usually caused by either a more hectic schedule in everyday life (those kids are just so easy to blame) or simply a lack of inspiration (yes that does happen and more often than I would like to admit). Gosh, I sound quite human don’t I?


At the start of this new year I give my best wishes to you all: make that connection and experience more love. Although not one for making resolutions I do believe in having intentions and one of them is continuance. With this blog but also in finding my ‘voice’. And knowing there are people actually listening to it, faltering and all, really makes a difference. So I’d like to thank you for reading, looking and listening, and hopefully also appreciating, my blogging efforts so far. With love, Sevi