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Green and the City

It is safe to say I am a city girl and to see me venture out into nature, or even something resembling nature, is an oddity. The funny thing is, when it does happen I enjoy it immensely. Almost as if it never occurred to me before that being outside is actually a nice thing.

So when I spotted an announcement a while back for an Instameet in one of Utrecht’s loveliest areas, Rhijnauwen, which is just outside of town, I figured the combination of meeting new people AND getting a guided tour around the fortress of Rhijnauwen might just make for a perfect pastime on a Saturday morning.

And it did.

The fortress, and particularly the way nature has overtaken it, looked like it came straight out of a fairytale, the coffee provided was excellent and the company I kept very pleasurable. As I had been strolling through hot and crowded Amsterdam only the day before this made a welcome change. Once again I found myself mumbling ‘I should do this sort of thing more often.’

Less mumbling, more action.


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This Instameet was organized by Explore Utrecht and the Dutch Forestry Commission
Fortress Rhijnauwen is part of the historical Dutch Waterline, a military line of defence. The Waterline is on the tentative list of the UNESCO World Heritage
The freshly brewed coffee and authentic Utrecht treats were provided by Fietsbakkie Pleur

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