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Let’s do laundry

Idly wiling away my time on Tumblr last night instead of doing my actual laundry delivered me on the dreamy doorstep of Hatsumi’s Laundry: an Australian lingerie label with a small, simple and quietly smouldering collection of underwear.


HLJan2015_3_zps67a59246tumblr_nkbrlxr90f1r5f81zo1_1280 HLJan2015_10_zpsad627b7cHLJan2015_13_zps55a49193HLJan2015_12_zps2abc8bd7

All photos via Hatsumi’s Laundry
Click here for their Tumblr


  1. Hayley says

    As the mother of a 15 year old girl, for the first time in my life I feel uncomfortable seeing these pictures – or rather, seeing pictures of models who are clearly so very young. These models have figures like those of my daughter and her friends. Whilst I do not object to that per se, I do object to the use of children (that is what they are) to try to sell underwear to adults. No woman has a figure like this beyond the age at which she can reasonably afford such items, and I find it somewhat disquietening to think of the reasons why the industry (am blaming the advertising and PR industries rather than fashion Industry) would use children to sell underwear to adults. What does this say about adult bodies? And more practically, would these scraps of pretty cotton do very much for an adult female figure? Yes we would all like to look like this again, but very few of us would trade our financial comfort, family members or life experiences to do so. I really think the time has come for advertising to start embracing the truth and move away from the fiction that is still pedalled in shots like this.

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    • Hello Hayley,

      Thank you so much for commenting.

      First of all, I understand your concern, I too follow the discussion on fashion imagery and the use of young models. However, I chose to blog post on this particular brand because of the products, with the atmospheric photography as an aesthetic side effect, and NOT to advocate a certain body type.

      I happen to be one of those adult women who can not only actually affort but also wear this type of lingerie. And yes, they actually do a lot for my figure, which just so happens to be of a slighter frame.
      ‘Adult female figure’ does not equate ‘a fuller form’ you see, women still come in all shapes, sizes and ages and luckily so does fashion.
      Hatsumi’s Laundry designer Jemma Aickin, I might note, started designing soft cup bras because she herself could not find ones she liked. And I can fully relate to that since every other lingerie shop I walk into in my own town seem to cater to women who want padding, lifting or extra support.
      But besides all that, if you take a look at the online shop you can also see Hatsumi’s sizing goes up to a size L.

      In my opinion it is the designer’s prerogative to showcase her designs how she sees fit. As for my choice in products to showcase on my blog: this is a personal blog and as such a reflection of my taste and truth and not a medium with which I try to sell a product.

      As a blogger I realize it is not always possible to cater to everyone’s taste or opinion but I hope this answers your concerns somewhat.

      With kind regards,



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