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Faux pas

When I woke up this morning it was my clear intention to write a blog post on how much it irked me these past few days to see my IG feed and Facebook timeline get positively flooded with girls (bloggers or otherwise) in all states of pre-Coachella hype: the near identical bohemian looks, the parading around fashionbrand-funded pool parties, the never-ending shout outs of “Ooooh I’m soooo jealoooous, wish I was going toooo!’, the idiotic lists on how to assemble the ‘puuurfect’ Coachella outfit and the sudden increase of selfies-with-tongue-hanging-out.

It seriously got on my nerves. Because even though I am by no means a festival expert here (the only thing I ever went to is Awakenings, I basically shun all others which, in a festival-mad  country like the Netherlands, makes me a hopeless basket case of course), isn’t the point of an outdoor music festival…well…the music?

And then I ran across this very funny infographic at Nylon Magazine on how to fake (yes fake, that’s right)  knowing what you are talking about band-wise at one of these things and figured “Yup…that says it all. No need to type anything else.”

You may thank me in the comments. Because:

1 It saves you from having to read through a possibly very long rant;
2 Scrap the ‘possibly’.


Click here for the Coachella website, live stream included
Title image of the Coachella ferris wheel taken from the Internet

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