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On a personal note

“I like your blog a lot…”
“Thank you!”
“…but can I ask: are you going to get more personal?”
“I want to.”
“Good. Because I think people care to see more than just photos of great clothes and interiors and such, they want to see you.”

This little exchange took place while having coffee with a dear friend. I meant it when I said “I want to.” This blog, after all, is supposed to be me: my likes, dislikes and anything else that is going on in my mind. Which quite frankly is a lot and even when there is no one to read it or look at it: I still like the idea of getting it ‘out there’.

Rest assured, I am working on the me-in-outfits part. SOH not being incredibly handy with a camera (think lobbed-off heads, out of focus faces and jittery horizons) and me being a less than patient AND very shy model (i.e I hate posing) make for a disaster waiting to happen.
So enter a very eager 12,5-year-old wannabe who admittedly has a good eye for imagery but also a schedule more hectic than my own. The idea of posing for a possibly smirking teenager also has it’s downsides but we are definitely going to give it a try in the near future.

For now dear reader you will have to make do with my occasional ramblings on more personal matters. Which brings me to the topic of this little musical box.


This was gifted to me by my lovely SOH many many years ago. I have managed to keep it safe from harm for all those years, away from overly nosy house guests and grubby little hands. I’ve played its tune endlessly through 2 pregnancies and it has sung me to sleep for many years. The tune by the way is Casta Diva from La Norma.

So there you have it: my very first personal note.
With many more to follow.


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