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I would too

Before the start of my own blog I spent 2 years amusing myself looking at other blogs as a pastime. It beats watching telly, right? By now my blog roll has gotten to be rather lengthy and it is safe to say I know what I like and what I dislike. And of course, I have quite a few absolute favourites by now. And I would very much like to introduce some of them to you, starting with Hippie, Hippie – Milkshake.



Celine Aagaard is editor in chief at Norwegian Stylemag and manages to display that edgy detail I like so much. Every post on her personal blog has got something that makes me look twice and most of her outfits are not just great to look at but would work perfectly on a regular day of work and play.

_DSC5129 _DSC5127

Although I have absolutely no problems translating younger blogger’s outfits to fit into my own ideas the fact that Celine is 37 certainly enhances her street cred with me. Good job!



Check out Celine’s blog here.

photos Hippie, Hippie – Milkshake


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