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After a truly intense clear-out the other week I ended up donating about 3/4 of my entire wardrobe to the Salvation Army (and this does include shoes and bags). I could clearly hear SOH mutter several times while he was hauling the bin bags ‘If you have got this much stuff to get rid of you definitely do not need to buy anything for the next 5 years.’.

That is not how that works my dear.

The vast majority of that ‘stuff’ was at least over 3 years old and fell in either the ‘very much not a basic and/or out of fashion’ or ‘does not fit me anymore’ category. So what I am left with really are all the good basics, new or old, and a very empty wardrobe with several essentials now missing. An oversized black blazer for example. I had one left, a long line fitted one from Mango, with a beautiful fit and quality but more suited for fall or winter.

After a bit of online browsing I decided to order this Arket blazer first, knowing full well it could be a hit or miss deal. Luckily, it turned out to be a full hit: very oversized ( size 36 was very good on me but I did size up to a 38 to get the exaggerated look as seen on the model), incredibly light weight and very minimal.

Not bad for a first addition to the wardrobe after several months of not shopping!

Black oversized wool blazer at Arket / €125

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