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Little things

Now, I may have forgotten to announce this on here but I am right in the middle of a two month no-shopping period, hence my silence. When I say two months I by now mean AT LEAST two months: I actually really like the rest. It is self-imposed btw, but I was also sort of implored to do so by SOH, who felt I could spend my time (and money *cough*) in better ways. Truth be told, I have become really focused on my work as a keto coach as a result. Not that I was not working at it before but not spending time online shopping does help. Our parcel delivery guy surely must wonder if we have moved or gone bankrupt, he has not been to the house in weeks.

What does not help though is the fact that SOH all of a sudden starts spotting and buying ‘nice things for the house’. He already rather randomly bought this lamp (‘for the kids you know’) and gifted me with a beautiful bookstand for my signed John Irving book.


I would actually like some other nice things for the house as well: a rug in the living room, a big round mirror for the hallway, I desperately need new chairs for the kitchen aka my office (because all the old chairs have been broken by just about every male friend visiting us, you know who you are!), some shelves in the bathroom for my perfume and such. We will get to it in due time. But what I find so endearing is the fact SOH actually now goes into stores like Zara Home (on his own! not forced!) to look at the pretty stuff that decidedly falls into the ‘we absolutely do not need this’ category. Like this presse-papier.

No he did not buy it.
But I love the fact he saw it and thought it was pretty.

Presse-papier at Zara Home / €22,99

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