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All fashioned-out

Well the title says it really: at the moment I am just sort of done with fashion.  I have zero interest in keeping up with the trends, no particular desire to go shopping for myself and basically just look forward everyday to pull the simplest of outfits out of the closet. I have even cut down drastically on Instagram time because I found myself just getting irritated looking at it: everybody is doing the same repetitive thing.

So part ‘Meh, nothing really excites me about what is out there right now’, but also part ‘I have got better things to focus on in terms of work’: I already spend a lot of time online helping people get their health back and being online for a good part of the day simply costs a lot of energy. So instead of dragging my feet everyday trying to come up with a new post I decided on a whim this morning to take yet another break from blogging. Maybe it will come back to me,  maybe it won’t.

Shoot me a line though in the comments or on my feed, I love to hear your thoughts!


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