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Dressing the man

Now, bear with me: the reason I sauntered over to the online men’s department at Zara is the fact that my youngest, now thirteen years old, has completely ignored my plea to stop growing already and is now therefore in need of his first winter coat in an actual grown up size.
And with all the future growing in mind buying at a lower price point is advised (as opposed to my eldest, now sixteen, who has a penchant for Gucci-and-Armani-but-on-sale with the occasional Nike and Airforce thrown in and such but at least he does not grow out of it in a minute).

H&M sadly had nothing nice on offer, unless you like boring blue and black, so voila, Zara. And the first thing I spotted was this guy.

Sorry but I just had to express this sentiment.
Shoot me.

I digress. Coats.

Yes I found a few options, sadly not as budget as I would like. But I started browsing all the collections and oh my, so many great clothes. SOH also would look so wonderful in them but sadly he is the I-do-not-need-any-new-clothes-I-just-buy-5-pairs-of-my-favourite-trousers-and-be-done-with-it type. However, youngest leaned in to have a look, pointed to this exact outfit and said:

‘You know who would look great in that? Dad. I bet he would even like the beanie.’

Nuff said.

Click here for this outfit

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