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All good things etc

I probably have said ‘I do not want to go home’ 56 times on our last day there. And I have said ‘I want to go back’ approximately 3297 times since we have been back. I know, all good things (REALLY good things) come to an end and Mallorca will still be there next year so I need to stop moping and instead revel in the fact we so enjoyed our time away, all four of us.

You might already have seen all of these photos on my Instagram, out of tradition I am now posting them here as well. And yes, obviously I DID take photos of the family, but those are not for posting online. And after reading up these past few days on privacy matters and social media, I have the intention of being extra careful to not put images of my children or other half online without their explicit consent. In other words: never. But that is a whole other issue.

For anyone wondering though why no seaside photos, here comes a bit of reality: we do not like the beach. That is, lying on one in sweltering heat surrounded by lots of people. Beaches devoid of people are just lovely mind you, and something I can stare at for the longest time.
We had made an effort last year on Mallorca, went to a beach two or three times as I recall.  Not a huge success: way too crowded, too hot (we are no sunbathers the lot of us) and just not worth the hassle when you actually have a huge empty swimming pool right outside your finca.

This year, stubborn people that we are, we tried again, at Cala Mondrago to be exact. We lasted exactly two hours in which we did swam for a bit and then sat miserably on our paid loungers looking directly up at all the bums and other body parts of other people. To put it mildly: not our thing. So we pledged never ever to do this again.

Enjoy the photos!

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