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I know this is supposed to be a lifestyle/fashion blog with the occasional musing thrown in but as they say: it is my blog and I can get as personal as I want to. Feel free to skip this of course and I promise I will be back to posting about dresses and shoes soon enough. 

On Friday we had to let our lovely Danae go and I can not shake the sadness because of it. She was 17 and she was suffering from kidney failure, something that tends to happen to cats when they get older. It was not only affecting her health (she lost an immense amount of weight and was clearly in pain at times), but also her character: she had been our solo-lady for all her life and all of a sudden she was not.

The first ten years of her life were spent in really close proximity to our older cat Moise, who died in 2011, and after that she simply kept to herself. No petting, no jumping on your lap, no sleeping nearby. Just the occasional stroke if you got lucky and while she did go through a phase of interest in our eldest, not accidentally coinciding with the fact he hit puberty at the time, she was really just an odd-ball cat that kept her distance and house guests were sometimes surprised to discover we actually had a cat at all.

So despite our obvious sadness to see her health decline we are also in a way blessed with her change in character: she came asking for cuddles, slept on my bed and generally stayed in close proximity and sought attention every chance she got. But as our vet pointed out: clear signs she was getting confused and uncomfortable too.

We have lost two cats before this: Sarah ran away and never came back and Moise died while we were away on holiday. So this is the first time we consciously had to let a pet go. The vet was kind enough to come to our house instead of having to put her in a basket and transport her to him. I cried through the whole thing, which really only lasted 5 minutes, and have been having crying fits ever since. Heck, I am crying right now. SOH and kids are equally sad. We keep thinking we see her in the usual places: at the top of the stairs, wandering into the garden, at the space where her feeding bowl used to be.

I am sure with time the sadness will get less, I know that happened with Sarah and Moise, but for now it is here and not really going anywhere.

Thank you for reading this guys.



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