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I have been on a dress hunt recently because I wanted a few more dresses for city wear, as opposed to the many floaty dresses I have that I am more comfortable with wearing during a holiday. And I actually made a few great purchases in the ‘going to be wearing these for years to come’ category plus there are a few more on their way as we speak. I have sent loads back to be honest, so while my ordering may seem out of control I actually only end up with the ones I am really confident about.

But this one by Mango truly is the best: the navy colour is so much more flattering than straight up black (although I do love wearing black anything), the fabric is a very crisp but still light cotton and the shape and length are perfect for everyday wear. It actually has a bit of a Cos vibe to it but without the very oversized feel Cos dresses usually have, much more fitted and thus flattering.

The only complaint I have is that the fold-over top really gapes so I will be trotting of to the shops today to get a little hook closure. I do wonder why these things are not noticed at fittings. There must be someone who notices the fitting model has an obvious boob on show, right?

It also comes in a cream colour by the way which I have ordered as well just to see if it suits me: in my experience white and cream dresses completely wash me out and make me look frumpy for some reason. Stay tuned for an update on that as that dress is not in yet!

Navy dress at Mango

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