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Dangerous territory

I must have forgotten to pay attention to the local business gossip the past few weeks or so because without so much as an announcement, and completely catching me off guard, Cos has opened a store in my hometown of Utrecht.

I remember asking a Cos employee in Amsterdam a few years back if she thought they would open up in Utrecht and she smiled sadly and said “No I don’t think so, I have not heard anything about them opening any other stores in the Netherlands in fact.’ Well they clearly changed their minds then!

I am very happy I can now actually go into the store right here in town (and I know of a few ladies who feel the same way) and try pieces on, like the lovely navy jumpsuit below, instead of ordering online and paying shipping fees. But: dangerous territory indeed as my self-control usually goes down the drain when confronted with too many pieces that look just so right!

Navy wide-leg jumpsuit at Cos


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