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The great find

As of writing this post, this kimono is nowhere to be found on the Dutch H&M website (much like the linen suit as you will recall, this too vanished within 2 days of spotting it) and I noticed it is all but sold out on the foreign sites as well. Which can only mean I am not the only one on the perpetual look-out for a reasonably priced full-length kimono.

Now, I have no intention to wear this as a day outfit whatsoever: I want to wear it as a morning robe. I have been looking for an affordable one forever, one that ticks all the boxes: calve length, long wide sleeves, the right amount of oversize, thick breathable fabric without the cheap sheen so many of these seem to have (this one is actually made of viscose), no slits at the bottom (it is such a shame Zara only ever does a kimono with slits because they do a good print usually) and while a pattern is okay it must not be a particularly lurid one.

It is a bit pricier than what I would usually spend but I have a feeling it will be worn for many years to come, much like another short one from H&M I bought about ten years ago. One thing it misses is an inner cord you will usually find to keep the robe from slipping open but my tailor will sort that out.

Funny thing though: I ordered two sizes, medium and large, and the colours were completely different. The medium has the light blue color from the photos, the large one however was in a harsher, much cheaper looking hue. I am very happy to report the medium is just the right amount of oversized for me so the large will be returned.

Light blue patterned kimono, as found on the UK H&M website

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