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In case anyone ever wondered if I actually buy any of the stuff I show here, the answer is ‘Oh yes.’  My parcel delivery guy can also attest to that (we are on a first name basis *cough*). And since I have come to loathe shopping in town I almost always resort to online shopping. Nothing beats trying on clothes in the comfort of my own dressing room (I mean come on Zara, what is with the preposterous long queues?) and the ability to match outfits on the spot in pleasant lighting.

Is everything I order just as fabulous as it looks in the photo? Hell no: strange sizing, odd fits, shifty fabric quality, colours that are completely different from the online images, I can go on and on. Hence my sending back about 50-75% of everything I order, I kid you not. I even had to send back one pair of Nike Air Force sneakers to one store as they tried to sell a kid’s EU size 40 for a grown up EU size 40: at least now I have learned that the quality differs between the two Nike lines as well as the fit.

Some things get send back not because I did not like them but because they are out of budget for now or not yet needed. If I also know they are not available in store for me to try on I order those items online to see how they fit. And then I keep my fingers crossed they end up in my size in a sale and/or they still have the items when I actually need them.

Anyway, below are the lovely items that DID pass the test in March. I have to say: Cos never EVER fails me, the sizing is usually spot-on and the quality is so good. And their sale is just the best: those black slip-ons I had my eye on for many months I got for half price, 63 euro as opposed to 125 euro. So there you go.

Cos slip-ons
H&M striped top
Nike Air Force 1 ’07 sneakers
Zara blush trousers
Zara basket
Cos jewellery

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