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Growing up

Last month eldest and I took a trip to Stockholm. The city excelled in pretty street views, snow and friendly locals but we did not do a whole lot of photographing. We just chilled and had fun: the ABBA museum was the highlight of the trip, for me because I am simply THAT old and for him because it gave him a chance to smile benignly at his weird mum squealing over something he just could not relate to.

Good food, many miles of walking and lots and lots of conversations over ‘fika’*: with my eldest growing up AND away so fast it has come to my attention once again trips like these, without the regular shouting matches I get to enjoy at home, are true lifesavers in any parent-teenager relationship.

Highly recommended for growing up at any age.

Eldest and I stayed at the Grand Central by Scandic and it was the perfect place: we stayed in a very generous room and that breakfast buffet was one of the best I had ever seen


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