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wsj-magazine-march-2017-andreea-diaconu-by-daniel-jackson-1-2 wsj-magazine-march-2017-andreea-diaconu-by-daniel-jackson-11wsj-magazine-march-2017-andreea-diaconu-by-daniel-jackson-9wsj-magazine-march-2017-andreea-diaconu-by-daniel-jackson-10 wsj-magazine-march-2017-andreea-diaconu-by-daniel-jackson-8 wsj-magazine-march-2017-andreea-diaconu-by-daniel-jackson-7 wsj-magazine-march-2017-andreea-diaconu-by-daniel-jackson-6 wsj-magazine-march-2017-andreea-diaconu-by-daniel-jackson-5 wsj-magazine-march-2017-andreea-diaconu-by-daniel-jackson-4 wsj-magazine-march-2017-andreea-diaconu-by-daniel-jackson-3 wsj-magazine-march-2017-andreea-diaconu-by-daniel-jackson-2

WSJ Magazine March 2017
Photographer: Daniel Jackson
Model: Andreea Diaconu
Styling: Geraldine Saglio
Hair: Yannick D’Is
Make-up: Hannah Murray

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