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Interior inspiration

The Stockholm apartment of Evelina Kravaev Söderberg, the head of Design of H&M Home.

I love the understated adult feel of it all.

room-decor-ideas-room-ideas-room-design-room-decoration-hm-head-of-design-hm-home-4-640x853dining-table-books-hm-evelina-kravaev-soderberg-home-20151202154626q75dx1920y-u1r1g0cdining-room-hm-evelina-kravaev-soderberg-home-20151202155134q75dx1920y-u1r1g0cchair-hm-evelina-kravaev-soderberg-home-20151202155041q75dx1920y-u1r1g0c room-decor-ideas-room-ideas-room-design-room-decoration-hm-head-of-design-hm-home-5-640x853 room-decor-ideas-room-ideas-room-design-room-decoration-hm-head-of-design-hm-home-9-640x853bathroom-hm-evelina-kravaev-soderberg-home-20151202154911q75dx1920y-u1r1g0cbedroom-hm-evelina-kravaev-soderberg

For H&M Home click here

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