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Interior inspiration

This Manhattan showroom of Danish furniture brand Carl Hansen & Søn sure makes me want to move in.

Like yesterday.

carl-hansen-son_new-york_showroom-furniture-interiors_dezeen_2364_col_0 carl-hansen-son_new-york_showroom-furniture-interiors_dezeen_2364_col_1 carl-hansen-son_new-york_showroom-furniture-interiors_dezeen_2364_col_3 carl-hansen-son_new-york_showroom-furniture-interiors_dezeen_2364_col_4 carl-hansen-son_new-york_showroom-furniture-interiors_dezeen_2364_col_6 carl-hansen-son_new-york_showroom-furniture-interiors_dezeen_2364_col_9carl-hansen-son_new-york_showroom-furniture-interiors_dezeen_2364_col_7 carl-hansen-son_new-york_showroom-furniture-interiors_dezeen_2364_heroa

Click here for the Carl Hansen & Søn website


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