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Trench coat dressing

I am going to call this style ‘trench coat dressing’ from now on.

Masculine and comfy yet still elegant.

elle-sweden-february-2017-signe-veiteberg-by-tobias-lundkvist-1 elle-sweden-february-2017-signe-veiteberg-by-tobias-lundkvist-1-2 elle-sweden-february-2017-signe-veiteberg-by-tobias-lundkvist-2 elle-sweden-february-2017-signe-veiteberg-by-tobias-lundkvist-3 elle-sweden-february-2017-signe-veiteberg-by-tobias-lundkvist-4elle-sweden-february-2017-signe-veiteberg-by-tobias-lundkvist-7elle-sweden-february-2017-signe-veiteberg-by-tobias-lundkvist-5elle-sweden-february-2017-signe-veiteberg-by-tobias-lundkvist-8elle-sweden-february-2017-signe-veiteberg-by-tobias-lundkvist-6elle-sweden-february-2017-signe-veiteberg-by-tobias-lundkvist-10

Elle Sweden February 2017
Photographer: Tobias Lundkvist
Model: Signe Veiteberg
Styled by: Lisa Lindqwister
Hair: Martina Senke
Makeup: Ignacio Alonso

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