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How about this

It was a good thing eldest happened to be lurking about when I muttered something along the lines of  ‘A carbon fiber card holder…now what is that all about? because he immediately launched into an enthusiastic rapport on all things carbon fiber.

It is a big thing apparently.

And as of right now I am in the proud possession of a personalised money clip slash card holder, courtesy of the lovely people at Limmatt in Zürich, who were so very kind to gift one of their lovely products.
Incredibly light, immensely strong and very  safe as it quite effectively blocks fraudulent scanning activity.

Eldest now thinks his mom really is the cool kid on the block..and more than the tiniest bit disappointed he has not got one of his own.



I am pleased to be able to offer all  my readers a cool gift promotion code: free name engraving of your choice with your Limmatt clip order.  All you have to do is head over to the Limmatt website and enter MM+CO as your promotional code.

This promotion code for free engraving runs from 21/11/16 till 21/12/16

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