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Drink up

I have lost count of the compliments I have gotten over these amazing water bottles from Australian brand Memobottle™ SOH had given me as a surprise a few months back.

Their eye-catching minimal design never fails to solicit sideways glances every time a pull one out of my bag and more often than not I get asked immediately ‘Where on earth did you get those?!’.
The two sizes A5 and A6 fit into all of my bags without adding clumsy bulk, a sure plus for anyone trying to cram as much into one handbag as possible. A cool touch are the different coloured lids: I have white, black and clear but they are also available in pink for that really cute girly look.

If you find yourself already jotting down ideas for all that Christmas shopping coming up: do not forget to get one of these.


Get your Memobottle™ right here

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