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As much as I like to think of myself as all ladylike and dainty, skipping around town in high heels and skirts, I am actually much more inclined to don sturdy boots and cover up. So that is exactly what I’ll be doing this winter.

And this editorial for Elle Uk has me all oohing and ahing.

elle-uk-november-2016-steph-smith-by-kerry-hallihan-1-2 elle-uk-november-2016-steph-smith-by-kerry-hallihan-2 elle-uk-november-2016-steph-smith-by-kerry-hallihan-3 elle-uk-november-2016-steph-smith-by-kerry-hallihan-4 elle-uk-november-2016-steph-smith-by-kerry-hallihan-6 elle-uk-november-2016-steph-smith-by-kerry-hallihan-7 elle-uk-november-2016-steph-smith-by-kerry-hallihan-5 elle-uk-november-2016-steph-smith-by-kerry-hallihan-8 elle-uk-november-2016-steph-smith-by-kerry-hallihan-9

Elle UK November 2016
Photographer: Kerry Hallihan
Model: Steph Smith
Styling: Michelle Duguid
Hair: Tony Collins
Makeup: Shinobu

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