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Fall already?

I have yet to wear a summer dress or pair of sandals (those Dutch summers, right?) but here I am perusing pre-Fall editorials.

Isn’t that red coat a stunner?

Vogue-Spain-July-2016-Vera-Van-Erp-by-Hasse-Nielsen-3 Vogue-Spain-July-2016-Vera-Van-Erp-by-Hasse-Nielsen-4Vogue-Spain-July-2016-Vera-Van-Erp-by-Hasse-Nielsen-6 Vogue-Spain-July-2016-Vera-Van-Erp-by-Hasse-Nielsen-5Vogue-Spain-July-2016-Vera-Van-Erp-by-Hasse-Nielsen-7  Vogue-Spain-July-2016-Vera-Van-Erp-by-Hasse-Nielsen-10Vogue-Spain-July-2016-Vera-Van-Erp-by-Hasse-Nielsen-8 Vogue-Spain-July-2016-Vera-Van-Erp-by-Hasse-Nielsen-11Vogue-Spain-July-2016-Vera-Van-Erp-by-Hasse-Nielsen-9

Vogue Spain July 2016
Photographer: Hasse Nielsen
Model: Vera van Erp
Hair: Mette Thorsgaard
Make-up: Ninni Nummela

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