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Back details

Love the mood of these.

And I have this thing with backs.

E9DE87AF505603008A9E6FACE4558789 E9DE6181505603008AD0BC8F5E667CD9 E9DEB1E0505603008A251F36980028B8 E9DEDC8A505603008A0F683F262F5A9D E9DF1D09505603008A09A4A81B703458 E9DF3E2B505603008AC97BB353F87D45 E9DF80A5505603008A613E944D56B07F E9DF0240505603008A1E654A4634A740 E9DF6363505603008AACBE0FB964FA4A E9DFA1DD505603008A532CD1038A9B66 E9DFBEF4505603008A841F8D46B639C9 E9DFE592505603008AA53963869691A3 E9E00F23505603008AD48CEE4FE70BE3 E9E03F31505603008A1E1E8DE9D8841B

Unconditional #3 SS 2016
Photographer: Alexandra Nataf
Model: Mali Koopman
Styling: Ilona Hamer
Hair & makeup: Samantha Patrikopoulos

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