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A little break

So tomorrow I am off to London with my eldest. I actually lived there for a year but that was a very long time ago and I haven’t been back since so it will be fun to walk around town but now with a teenager in tow.

Said teenager has two things on his to-do list: food and shopping. Lots of food. Even more shopping. He has a very keen eye for street wear (and I must admit I like his taste in fashion) and a veritable list of shops he would like to visit and no doubt try on many different things. Buckingham Palace and the Big Ben are nowhere on that list as you might imagine and to be honest, that is fine with me. Sure, we will take a  tour of some sort but for me it is a ‘been there done that’ thing anyway so I will indulge him.

Tate Modern, Covent garden and perhaps a bit of Banksy however are on my list but simply walking around with a good coffee in hand makes me a happy girl too so I am sure we will have a grand time just the two of us. I did purchase the digital London Guide by Petite Passport because I love her taste in places to stay and eat so hopefully we will also get round to visiting some of her hotspots.

So, no blogging till this Saturday but you can follow me on Instagram of course. Have a great week!

Title image of a Banksy piece in Bristol
Other photos by Petite Passport


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