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That title I put there in jest although I did feel exasperated at one point: the utter boredom of finding an attractive laptop bag had gotten to me. Attractive you see is the key word here because as SOH put it ‘That is a terribly expensive piece of equipment you got there and you are going to put it an ordinary bag…really?’.
Actually, that was my intention because I wanted a pretty bag. But apparently laptop bags do not come in the shade of pretty but in the colours of snooze, boring and bland. With the additional bonus of sturdy, protective and safe. So I caved. And ordered the least ugly bag.

I am waiting for it now to arrive.
Oh joy.

And while waiting my eye got caught on Sandqvist. Not my usual style but nonetheless, appealing for some reason. And lo and behold, I found myself saying’ That Espen laptop case and the Noel laptop bag are kinda nice’.

Waiting now for my next paycheck to arrive.
Because you know…pricetags.

How about you? What kind of bag or sleeve do you carry your most priceless possession around in?



Laptop case Espen and laptop bag Noel at Sandqvist


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