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This morning I was browsing the web for some interior inspiration. Not for me but for eldest, as he recently expressed a wish to give his room a small make-over. I swiftly digressed however after about ten minutes as I got sucked into the world of home-office design.

Our kitchen double-functions as my office you see. Now, I am not complaining at all because I love the kitchen. It is a large space on the ground floor with a view on our small garden, coffee within reach, cosy lighting and a very large table. It could do with a few more practical features in terms of storage for folders and such but all in all, I like it here.

There are times though, having to deal with the ongoing traffic in the kitchen of SOH, children and the inevitable distraction of daily chores, I think it would be nice to have an additional space where I could seclude myself a bit more. Loath to give up my dressing room (and yes I know, that IS a true luxury) for this purpose and unwilling to share SOH’s very large office space on another floor I am turning my gaze to our bedroom.
It has plenty of room, already has a nice large side-table and a lovely decor.  To be honest it is my favourite room in the house. All I really need to do is add a good chair, get our artwork finally on the walls instead of reclining here and there and I am good to go.

No longer a fan of the ongoing trend in white Scandinavian interiors myself, these days I tend to gear towards a more grown up, sophisticated feel when it comes to interior design: richer colours, warm woods and although I do like my walls white I go for darker floors. Eye catching artwork and a little feminine touch aside, I also tend to keep spaces minimal and clean.
Below a few of the images that caught my eye, I am curious to hear what your ideas are when it comes to your workspace.




All images via Pinterest

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