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Soft strength

When fashion translates into something both soft and strong at the same time.

Vogue_China-February_2016-Maartje_Verhoef-by-Ezra_Petronio-11 maartje-verhoef-ezra-petronio-vogue-china-february-2016-1Vogue_China-February_2016-Maartje_Verhoef-by-Ezra_Petronio-04-1024x794 maartje-verhoef-ezra-petronio-vogue-china-february-2016-5 mh10Vogue_China-February_2016-Maartje_Verhoef-by-Ezra_Petronio-05-769x1024 mh8 mh5

Vogue China February 2016
Photographer: Ezra Petronio
Model: Maartje Verhoef
Styling: Daniela Paudice
Hair: Akki Shirakawa
Make-up: Karim Rahman

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