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Those who follow me on Instagram may have noticed every once in a while I post a plate of food with the caption ‘keto’. Keto is short for ketogenic and describes a particular way of eating, completely different from the standard western diet, with certain well researched benefits. Benefits I have enjoyed in various ways over the past six months and are, in my case, in no way related to any form of trying to lose weight but every bit with trying to regain my health.

The move to start a keto diet was thoroughly researched on my part, not something I have entered lightly, but well-informed and always eager to listen to advice from other, more experienced people, and continuously keeping up with new research. I am happy, healthy, energetic and, most importantly: the various ailments I have described in an earlier post here are all gone.

What I am left with is the judgement and critique of others. The minute you start to eat and drink differently, and even at different times of the day from the majority of people, you more often than not become a target for funny looks, snarky remarks, total incomprehension and above all an unwillingness to listen and try to understand.

I have learned over the course of the past six months to only answer direct questions, be cautious with exactly what I say and to not tell people spontaneously about the way I found my health back. I simply count myself lucky SOH supports me in my new lifestyle and I have learned by now to let go of all unjustified remarks.

At the same time I myself also had to learn to not fall into the trap of dissecting to others how I think the standard western diet leads to poor health. I remind myself daily that this is merely my opinion and other people may think differently. Respect for each other’s choices is a two-way street and I am learning as I go along.

I am content with the choices I have made for now and also ready to accept these choices may have to alter again in the future. Health is an evolving thing and the one thing to avoid when it comes to health is arrogance stemming from ignorance and unwillingness to learn and embrace new facts.

Make your own choices.

I have not included links pertaining to the ketogenic lifestyle as there are so many. Google is your friend and for any questions you may also contact me directly.


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