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Packing up

I have been feeling a bit uninspired lately. Here on the blog, which I am sure has not gone unnoticed, but in real life too. Little struggles healthwise have kept me busy, as does the fact the boys are home for the holidays. But I am also feeling as if I am experiencing a lull in life: everything is moving forward at its usual pace but I find myself slightly lagging behind.

So I am packing up. That sounds drastic but not to worry, it is only for two weeks or so, maybe a bit longer. Some serious family time, a nice trip here and there and a huge step away from the computer might do the trick of getting me back on the track I really love so much.

So once again I leave you, my dear readers, with a big blank space for a little while but you will be able to follow me on Instagram. And don’t be afraid to drop me a line there, I love to hear from you.

See you all in two weeks!



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