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I am going to have to start of this blog post on a huge disgruntled note: in the past two weeks I have had to send back 4 items to Mango for the simple reason they were nothing like how they looked on the website. And I mean nothing.

Now, the sole reason for me to order these items online in the first place is that they did not have them in our local Mango store. In actual fact, this particular Mango store never has anything I have seen and liked on the website, they seem to stock only for a certain clientele favouring the very basic stuff.

So if this is their policy as a company, you might expect them to at least make sure the items on the website are photographed in such a way they somewhat resemble how they actually look. And not have me open a box and taking stuff out wondering ‘Uhm, is this what I ordered?’.
And then, to add insult to injury, having to actually pay to send them back. That or go to the brick & mortar store to return them there which is free.
All in all this really makes for a less than pleasant online shopping experience when compared to other online stores.

Still….how about this grey linen jumpsuit? Just the thing I imagine myself wearing when strolling through say Siena in Tuscany, pre-dinner with a nice strappy heel. Right? On the other hand, it might not be this nice light grey but sludge coloured. And see-through in all the wrong places. With the bottom being a completely different size to the top.

See what I have to deal with here Mango?

41035632_92-43055673_CU-43035555_CU-43020323_99-43000292_32 41035632_9241035632_92_B

Grey linen jumpsuit on sale at Mango

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