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Here we go

As you are reading this I am in the midst of packing the kid’s bags, doing my nails and making incredibly important outfit decisions. SOH and I are going to have a glorious weekend to ourselves you see so after school I will be carting the kids off to their ever obliging grandparents for a fun-filled weekend of swimming, barbecuing and what not.
And on Saturday SOH and I, in the company of lovely friends, will be off to the biggest outdoor techno festival in the Netherlands.

Oh yes: Awakenings.

We are not real avid techno-festival going people having only discovered we really liked it as we hit the big 4-0 and although as a general rule I still do not like big crowds I do enjoy going to Awakenings. The easy-going people, the music, the non-stop dancing, it is just the outlet we need after a really hectic period work-wise.

Awakenings is a two-day festival but we are only going on Saturday because on Sunday SOH and I will be celebrating our 24th anniversary (gasp!) by sleeping in, having a very lazy breakfast and just enjoying some quiet time together. Until the kids come crashing into the house again that is.

So, a weekend off also means  a break from blogging. I do hope you will all be having a marvelous weekend and for now I leave you with a little bit of music I am listening to right now to slowly ease myself into a more ‘techno’ mood.

Click here for the Awakenings website
Click here for more info on Solee

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