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Sometimes the simplest of stores have the cutest items. Such is the case with that Dutch staple of all stores: Hema.

Known to all Dutch for their very mundane everyday items such as underwear, socks, towels, linens and anything else domestic related, they also regularly turn out some pretty nice stuff ‘just for keeps’. Below you will find a collection of things that caught my eye recently. I already bought the  scented candle, make-up pouch, wire basket and hand cream and I am very happy I did so.

For those living in other EU countries, they do seem to ship outside of the Netherlands which is always a nice thing. And if you find yourself encountering a real life Hema store while visiting our lovely country, you might want to pop in and try a Hema sausage. Sold warm at the food counter, this thing might leave you wondering about our taste in food but I can assure you many generations of Dutchies grew up with this and lived to tell the tale.

Hammam towel, medicine box, mortar and pestle, scented candle, travel light, shower gel, wire basket, blanket, hand cream, candle set, chopping board, small vase, make-up pouch, printed box

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