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Random facts II

Things that make me go ‘Yikes!’.

What are yours?

1 I get anxious and sometimes downright scared in a crowd. Crossing Utrecht’s very crowded central station leaves me gasping for air. Funny thing is: I do like to attend large outdoor festivals but only when SOH is there to hold my hand throughout;
2 Necklaces are a funny thing with me: after wearing one for more than an hour my neck starts to hurt. No kidding;
3 The sight of overripe bananas makes me shiver;
4 Chipped nail polish, my own that is, needs to be removed asap and redone;
5 Malicious gossip. No explanation needed;
6 I drive a car, ride a bike and walk everywhere and it gets to me every time: other people’s road rage;
7 My children’s forgetfulness. As in ‘Oh didn’t I tell you mum you have to come with me to my orthodontist appointment tomorrow morning? Oops.’. You know, the night before;
8 Headlice and nits. And especially that little notice you get from the teacher saying it is your kid that has them;
9 My own bedtime is both ridiculously early and sacred at the same time, so I hate it if I am up too late;
10 Sudden loud noises have a horrific physical effect on me and when it happens I have a tendency to snap at whoever is guilty of making them…sorry folks;
11 Litter on the street. Come on people!
12 Running out of coffee. Must…not…happen…ever.

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