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Envious me

Amazing interior design, making me all envious and leaving me with a certain itch to start throwing things around in my own home. I mean, that rug in the living is just what I would want in my dressing room, the black walls are bliss (I have been hesitating over a black wall in the bedroom for ages now) and I even think those kids’ rooms are adorable without being overly childish. And once again: in Australia. Maybe I should just move there. Or at least go for a visit one day.

Let’s do that.

MTMwMjA2NzMyMzk4OTQ4MzIyAmber-Road-Design_Cronulla-Residence_Portfolio7Amber-Road-Design_Cronulla-Residence_Portfolio6 Amber-Road-Design_Cronulla-Residence_Portfolio8 Amber-Road-Design_Cronulla-Residence_Portfolio9 Amber-Road-Design_Cronulla-Residence_Portfolio10

Cronulla Residence by Amber Road Design
Photography by Prue Roscoe

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