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Not for me

While I was in Madrid with eldest we wandered into a Zara Home store. We do not have this in Utrecht and I figured this might be a good chance to have a look around. Within 2 minutes eldest was dramatically sighing his way through two floors filled with ‘crappy stuff’.

His words, not mine.

I have to admit though, nothing caught my eye. Zara Home is so far removed from their fashion line the only conclusion I could come to was that they must cater to a more Spanish-minded, frou-frou customer.
Personal opinion of course.

The only time I got a little excited was on spotting their homewear section. Lovely nightdresses (which I never wear but who cares), dressing gowns and pyjamas. But here is the catch: when I picked out three to try on I was told there was no fitting room.


We left quickly in search of churros and I forgot all about it. But I had a look online just now and I am sorry to say this but my opinion has not changed. I still like the homewear they carry, their linens and of course their fragrance line. Other than that: not for me.

Cotton nightshirt
Cotton shorts
Scented candle special edition
Spheres lamp
Pink-edged vase
Black Vanilla air freshener sticks
Golden metallic hangers
Black Vanilla scented candle

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