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Just add food

And wi-fi at regular intervals.

That is basically how wandering around Madrid with eldest went. He agreed to AND loved every activity and sight I chose as long as there was some sort of food involved. Which worked out just fine as Madrid, and Spain in general, really is food heaven.


Mercado de San Miguel in particular proved to be a hit with both of us. Strolling late at night among a pleasant mix of socializing Madrilenos and over-excited Japanese tourists while munching on the many bites on offer had us occupied for hours and later on even in a hurried search for a cash machine: we actually ran out of money while our appetites were distinctly not.


Funniest moment came when ordering the one glass of cava and I was asked if I did not want another glass for eldest. The look on his face was a mixture of pride to be mistaken for someone much older and disgust at the actual idea of drinking alcohol.

I highly recommend visiting this foodhall, just be wary of the many people waving their selfie-sticks about: such a shame to get whacked by one and making you drop that precious piece of manchego or your platter of delicious olives.


Click here for info on Mercado de San Miguel and here for another foodhall we visited, Mercado San Antón, which has an excellent rooftop terrace and restaurant

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