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The Austrian connection

As I keep trying to whittle down my impressive blogroll in the hopes of ending up with just the happy few I came across this almost forgotten but very much appreciated blog: Vienna Wedekind by Austrian actress and photographer Carola Pojer.

By-Malene-Birger-Trench-Coat-c-VIENNA-WEDEKIND-4 Saint-Laurent-Moujik-Bag-c-VIENNA-WEDEKINDA-Perfect-Combination-c-VIENNA-WEDEKIND

No fuzz minimal outfits, excellent taste in bags and an eye for stand-out jewellery, it really is all right up my street. I would love to wear any of these outfits as they are both elegant and comfortable to my very keen eyes.


CF-Concept-Tusk-Necklace-c-VIENNA-WEDEKIND Dark-Romance-c-VIENNA-WEDEKIND-6

I can’t for the life of me recall how or why her blog ended up at the bottom end of my list so all I can say is ‘Go check her out please, she is back at the top now.’.


All photos by Vienna Wedekind

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