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Different result

I mentioned on Instagram how I went shopping on Friday for the first time in almost three months. Now, just as with grocery shopping, I shop with an actual list. I have made a habit of jotting down things I see on the Internet and really like. There is nothing more I dislike than aimlessly roaming shops without knowing what I want to buy and, more importantly, succumbing to impulse buys without having considered beforehand if it will suit the existing wardrobe.

And I stick to the list.

The list isn’t really all that long, 14 items all in all, and some will have to wait: the store is located in another town and I really want to see and try the item for myself first before buying, the item is sold out everywhere (‘Seriously, Adidas Superstars in all white US men’s size 7….where are you?’), I’m waiting for some sort of sale because I find a particular piece does not warrant paying full price or I decide to keep it as a luxury item for my birthday wish list (‘Hello Denise Roobol handbag.’).

And then there are the items I have seen on the Zara website. So after some succesful lingerie shopping I strolled into the largest Zara we have in town and started collecting the things on the list. And I threw in these cream culottes and the black strappy top, both not on the list, because I needed to see the other items in an ‘appropriate’ setting and my boyfriend jeans and baggy blue shirt simply did not fit the bill.

And these were the only things I left the Zara store with.
Not on the list. And only grabbed them to dress up the other pieces with.

Go figure.




Cream culottes (strangely enough described as ‘printed’ on the website) and strappy top in black, both from Zara

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